What Is The Essence Of Rainbow-Symbol Accessories?

We all know that the rainbow is a popularly accepted symbol for the LGBT community. It is seen all over during Pride Month in June - the streets, social media, news channels, newspapers, everywhere. The youth is wearing rainbow accessories of all kinds and expressing their support for LGBT rights.

In 1978, the LGBT rainbow flag was designed by Gilbert Baker, an artist, and gay rights activist. It immediately came to be seen as the symbol of LGBT pride. Each color in the rainbow symbol has a meaning of its own. The original design consisted of eight colors but the modern design has six.

The symbolic meaning of the eight colors was as follows:

  1. Pink - Sex
  2. Blue - Peace
  3. Orange - Healing
  4. Green - Nature
  5. Yellow - Sunlight
  6. Red - Life
  7. Violet - Spirit
  8. Turquoise - Magic

The colors of the flag were cut down to six by 1979. This was primarily because of the expenses incurred in color dying. The color pink was eliminated and royal blue replaced blue and turquoise.

Today, you can easily find the six-colored rainbow flag for sale at online stores like Rainbow Museum. The flag is generally used at bigger celebrations or a protest march. Supporters walk on the streets holding the flag with all of its colors visible. The flag is not only used during protests on issues concerning the LGBT community but also for other issues where the LGBT community wants to voice their opinion.

The rainbow pattern has swiftly moved on to accessories, jewelry, notepads, and a lot of other items apart from the flag. These interesting products are sold everywhere and can be worn by anyone who wants to give a thumb up to the legalization of gay marriage and support the LGBT community.

Rainbow accessories

LGBT jewelry is funky and trendy. You can buy bracelets, rings, earrings, pendants, chokers, and more from any online store. Team them up with single color clothes and you’re all set to look good. The rings are popularly used by the LGBT community to express their love and develop the forever bond of marriage.

If you do a quick search online, you will be surprised to see the wide collection available in the market today. There are various accessories with the rainbow symbol that you can use for different purposes. You can use the Dutch Rose and Corn Seedlings for your garden, spice up your wardrobe with suspenders, belts, dance wings, socks, arm warmers, shoelaces, belly dancing veil or enjoy dressing up with earrings, pendants, rings, and bracelets.

These products are unique and the message behind them is also strong. You can find rainbow-colored hair extensions to look like a star. So, next time you know there’s an LGBT protest or a theme celebration or any such event where you want to show your support, you know that there’s a variety of products that you can purchase online.

The Rainbow Museum is one of the most popular stores for amazing LGBT products and has helped many people remain upright about their sexuality and enhance them in the most beautiful and influential ways possible.